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Hopin vs Zoom

Let’s get this out of the way and give credit where credit is due.
Zoom made it possible for the world to stay connected when it mattered most.

That being said — Hopin offers a richer, more immersive experience that won't leave your attendees fatigued. Watch the video or read on to find out how.

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Smiling attendee at home while man sitting outdoors is happily looking at his tablet enjoying an immersive event experience with Hopin

Hopin Does Engagement Better

Give people something to talk about — before, during, and after your event. Create a more immersive experience with Hopin's audience engagement tools that keep the conversation going.
Go beyond the basics of event-wide chat, direct messaging, polls and Q&A and use Hopin to facilitate meaningful audience engagement:

Unlimited 1:1 Networking

Offer attendees unlimited, automated one-to-one and group video networking sessions to foster connections that transcend your event.

In-Event Integrations Made Easy

Further enhance and enrich the event experience with pre-built integrated apps, like Twitter, Miro Whiteboard, Validar, and Kahoot games.

Audience Interaction and Engagement

Spark conversations and reactions among attendees, speakers, and event partners through chat rooms, video calls, polls, and animated GIFs.

Fully Customizable & Advanced Branding

Take control and build an event that's uniquely yours. Stay on-brand not just here and there, but throughout the entire event experience.

Event Landing Pages

With Hopin Canvas, our no-code website builder, event organizers can quickly build & customize stunning event landing pages to promote all of their events.

Logos, Colours, and Text

Organizers can customize the event experience.

Custom CSS Options

Add custom CSS to modify buttons, fonts, and over 100 color fields, so your event is as unique as your brand.

Customizable Content Areas

Tap into a powerful tool that brings experience from content to a whole new level: embedding widgets, videos, hyperlinks, file downloads, or extensive descriptions. Utilize file sharing, organize pdf downloads, and embed media content.

Trusted by Top Events Around the World

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Advanced Analytics to Grow Your Event

Unlike Zoom, Hopin goes beyond basic analytics. Hopin allows event organizers to capture analytics
at every stage of an event to learn what is and isn’t working.

Snippet of event ticket sales analytics

Pre- Event

  • Registration Dashboard
  • Ticket Sales Reporting
Snippets of virtual event analytics showing event registrations, main stage attendance, and attendee NPS

During the Event

  • Registration Turnout
  • Attendee-level Activity Tracking
  • Real-time Attendance Per Area
  • Attendee Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Snippet of virtual event Time Spent by Area analytics and average time spent

Post- Event

  • Average Time Spent in Each Area
  • Map of Countries Represented
  • Expo booth Visits & Interactions

Apps and integrations to transform the event experience

Hopin still makes it simple for event organizers to integrate the tools they love for any event type.

Industry Events

  • Salesforce - Pass attendee information from Hopin to your CRM to create tailored follow ups.
  • Marketo - Connect Hopin with your marketing tools to help nurture campaigns.

Internal Events

  • Snapbar - Make memories using Snapbar’s virtual photo booth and include fun stickers and badges for your employees.
  • Kahoot! - Engage your audience with Kahoot! games and quizzes during workshops, breaks, and trainings.

Global Events

  • Kudo - Open up your event to 100+ languages by embedding Kudo into your next global event.
  • GoFundMe - Foster a sense of community and giving by collecting donations via GoFundMe for your favourite cause.
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Smiling woman wearing a blazer using her computer while the inset shows integration tool logos; Salesforce, Marketo, Zapier

What customers are saying about Hopin on G2 Crowd

Here are a few of the many comments we hear from organizers after running their Hopin events.

Headshot of registered behavior technician Alyson Ruvio
Alyson Ruvio
Registered Behavior Technician
The things I liked best about Hopin is how user-friendly it is and the features it provided. I think it is a more modern way to connect people in the community online. It is helpful because as an attendee I can navigate through the site with ease.
Read full review on G2
Headshot of marketing manager, Kate Butler
Kate Butler
Marketing Manager
The ease of navigation between tracks on Hopin is great. The layout is clean and simple and I think it's a really useful feature that when looking through the schedule, delegates can add reminders to their personal calendars straight from the platform.
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Headshot of creative director and virtual event organizer, Brian Burge
Brian Burge
Creative Director
There are three main things that I love about Hopin. 1. It's insanely easy to use. 2. Their documentation. It has been so easy to find step by step information on features and functions within the platform. 3. Cost. I think the pricing is very fair and I hope they keep it that way.
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Headshot of city leader - Chennai & Bangalore, Nivas Ravichandran
Nivas Ravichandran
City Leader - Chennai & Bangalore
Hopin is beyond sessions and talks. It's a full-fledged virtual event management platform and has the ability to allow participants to network with each other, participate in booths, and attend parallel sessions.
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Not Just Virtual, Ready for Any Event Type in Any Format

From virtual to IRL to hybrid, Hopin’s event management platform brings everyone together like never before

Virtual Venue

From backstage to the main stage, breakout sessions to exhibitor and sponsor booths — Hopin’s virtual venue is a gathering place for highly-interactive experiences.

On-site Events

Give attendees a best-in-class in-person experience with badge and wristband printing, cashless payments, and lead retrieval.

Attendee Management

Resend tickets, enable group purchases, create promo codes, issue refunds, manage waitlists, and change ticket information straight from your Hopin dashboard.

Beautiful and Professional Video Production Tools

Logos and Lower Thirds

Make the stream your own by adding logos, lower thirds, banners, overlays and more.

High-Quality Stream and Recordings

Achieve stunning visual quality in HD with either 720p or 1080p resolution.

RTMP Support

Live stream directly from your favourite third party tool.


Prepare your speakers for success in their own private backstage area, and get ready for the show!

StreamYard Studio Integration

Easily share live or pre-recorded videos of any length directly into your Hopin Event using StreamYard.

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